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Music Therapy

woman playing a guitar in music class

Music Therapy uses music or music-based experiences prescribed by specially trained therapists to influence positive changes in well-being. Music therapists create goals for treatment based on an assessment and evaluation of each participant’s needs and strengths.


meditation session

Meditation is a practice that helps manage stress by quieting and relaxing the mind and body. A typical meditation session may involve mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), progressive muscle relaxation, and guided relaxation.

Art Therapy

person doing water color paining

Art Therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship, provided by an art therapist, to support, maintain, and improve overall health. For individuals and families affected by cancer, art therapy can address the many psychosocial challenges in connection with their unique cancer experience.

Cooking for Wellness

woman teaching a cooking class

Nutrition classes include:
Cooking for Wellness,
Healthy High Calorie High Protein,
Plan Your Way to a Cancer Fighting Diet, and
Knife Skills

Nutrition Consultations

Cooking meet, mushrooms, and tomatoes on a stove

Our Registered Dietitian is board-certified in oncology nutrition and can provide counseling and recommendations to adult patients on how to eat well before, during and after treatment. You will receive a dietary diary review and individualized dietary recommendations.


People exercising in a yoga class

Yoga is a breath centered, mindful movement focused on building greater resilience in the nervous system, these breath centered yoga practices support each individual and their unique needs.


People doing exercises with an instructor in a QiGong class

In Chinese, “Qi” means energy and “gong” means work or cultivation.  Qigong is a system of exercises using body, mind and breath to generate greater harmony and balance among the organ systems of the body, which improves general health and well-being. 


People exercising

ReNEW is a research-based program that offers a personalized exercise program to cancer patients. The program staff evaluates your current fitness level and develops a personalized exercise program to meet your needs.


Acupuncture being perfumed on a person's foot

Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is based on the theory that the human body is an organic whole that is connected by energy (Qi-pronounced “chee”) pathways called meridians (Jing Luo in Chinese). This practice involves the insertion of very fine, single-use needles into strategic points on the body.


Person getting a shoulder massage

Oncology Massage Therapy is the use of modified, conventional massage techniques to better support a person with a current or previous history of cancer. Adjustments considered for an oncology massage session include, but are not limited to, massage pressure, patient positioning, site restrictions and session length.